Image above: hidden/revealed, acrylic & ink on aluminum, 17.5 x 23.5 inches

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Unwinding Path

    The Unwinding Path is an extremely well written and interesting art blog.  It was my great pleasure to meet the author L.S. King, at a workshop earlier this year in Santa Fe.  She is a photographer and printmaker, and interviewer of other artists - the blog is well worth one's time.  Enjoy.

Link: The Unwinding Path


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Adobe Strata

   Another new one this Spring, Adobe Strata, acrylic and ink on aluminum, 9 x 15 inches.  I find the colors in these very calming, it's very like the natural palette of the area.

This is on display currently with others as part of my featured artist showing at Gallery at 400.

I'm spending a lot of on new designs, and am anxious to really get going and getting these translated to intaglio plates and onto  paper for further development.

   Not so hot right now for this 4th of July weekend, so we're getting some plants in the ground and Susan is laying out flower beds and such.  We're still into the desert plants of course, Spanish Broom and other things.  Last years baby Desert Willow has been blooming like crazy and has reached just over 6 ft, hummingbirds love it, and we've been seeing quite a few.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

New abstract

    This new abstract painting, hanging in my dining room so that I can live with it for a bit.  I find over this past month that i'm seeing unconsciously selected organizations in color and line.

Or perhaps I'm simple making patterns where none were intended - they really were not intended, but that takes me back to the unconscious . . .  and so forth.

15 high by 9 inches wide.  Which I just realized is close to the golden ratio.

untitled as of yet

    Had an opening last night with 2 other artists, another abstract painter and a fine art potter.  The potter did well, us abstract folks not so much.  There was a problem with standing space for the food table being about 8 feet from the walls where the paintings were hung, and it was also the narrowest of 4 rooms and acted as a hallway from entrance room into rooms 3 & 4.

I only talked to 4-5 people that were stopped and looking at my works, about the same for the other guy.  Abstraction per se seems to be a problem in this area for the public.  Many more were engaged in front of the more realistic works in the gallery than the abstract.  I had my first set of photogravures hanging as well [see the earlier blog entry photogravure in April ] and most seem to respond favorably to those images and not comment on the colorful acrylic abstracts; again, realism vs abstraction. 

PS: there are 3 other new works in June postings as well.